Rob Clegg: Building a Successful Startup

Welcome to the Rob Clegg blog. Stories about the founding of any company begin with motivation. Whatever it was – an idea, an epiphany or the aftermath of a mistake. The question of how to ensure the success of a new company is one that we deal with daily in the tech world, and it is that knowledge that we try to glean from founders’ stories.

For the best chances of successfully building a company, entrepreneurs and founders should consider building a product. It sounds obvious. Product is 30 percent of the total work required long term. Once the product is solid, companies can shift their focus to the other 70 percent, which is sales, marketing, service and support.

New companies need to hire salespeople and we’ve been saying this in the previous items: building the best development team is a key component of your company’s success. Focusing on the most fundamental trio in business organizations—marketing, accounting, and operations—really helps.

To avoid failure, market your company or product. This starts by understanding your industry and then marketing strategically. Rob Clegg recommends that you interact with people within the community not only to learn but also to get potential clients or business partners.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Make sure that you always have a plan to execute whenever needed. Therefore, you have to make sure that you always have something to fall back on.

You’ll be in this for the long run. It takes as much work to get your startup off the ground as it does to keep your company going year after year. Brace yourself, Rob Clegg advice.

You need to be able to stick to your business efforts when money starts running out, and things get really dark and rough. You will face challenges and business do fail, mostly due to common startup mistakes. So prepare for that.

Another part of what to know before starting a tech startup is that you’ll definitely need to find the money you need to scale. And raising funds might just be one of the hardest stages of any startup.

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Rob Clegg has a vast amount of experience in building a successful startup. Visit the the Rob Clegg website here. Follow Rob Clegg on Pinterest for more business growth strategy tips. You can also read the latest Rob Clegg news here.

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Welcome to Rob Clegg's blog. Rob Clegg is a consultant, entrepreneur and business founder specialising in raising funds and building business in tech. Rob also started a business that ended up NYSE and listing for $2.5bn. Learn more about Rob on the links below and come back soon for more updates.

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